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Non European residents only are eligible for the France Rail Pass. Residents from Algeria, Morroco and tunisia are not eligible for the France Rail Pass. 

Before using your pass and within six months of the issuing date, you must have your pass validated by a railway official. The ticket office staff will date stamp your pass, manually enter your passport number and write the first and last days of validity. The pass gives you unlimited travel for one month and for the number of days written on the France Rail Pass. 

The pass is non transferable. Please show your passport to the ticket inspector when requested. 

A pass is valid for travel in the class for which it has been issued (1st class passes are also valid in 2nd class). 

Any attempt to alter or tamper with the pass, will be considered as fraud and is liable to fines and confiscation of the pass. 

Before boarding the first train of the particular day, the passholder must enter that day’s date (day and month) in black ink, in the relevant box on the pass. 

Dates must be written in chronological order. If travelling on a direct overnight train that departs after 19.00, the following day’s dates should be entered on the pass. 

The pass does not guarantee the holder a seat on a train unless a reservation has also been made. On some trains (TGV/ TEOZ/ LUNEA..) reservations are compulsory and are not included in the cost of the pass. There must be paid separately. 

If lost or stolen, the pass cannot be replaced or refunded. A pass that has been used or a pass that is part of a package where one of the other components has already been used, cannot be refunded even partially. 

If a pass has not yet been validated and it is returned to the issuing office within one year of the date of issue, in its orginal ticket wallet, the cost of the pass will be refunded. In such a case, a 15% cancellation fee will apply. The rail agent cannot be held liable or responsible for accidents, damages/consequential loss due to strike, delays or missed connections, unforeseen circumstances, theft or loss of luggage or tickets.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 November 2011 11:01