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Fun parks Poitiers
Le Futuroscope
→ Offer:25% discount on entry tickets
→ Description:Futuroscope is a pioneer among France’s leisure parks. Since it opened in 1987 with the ambitious aim ‘to harness the future’ it has welcomed over 37 million visitors making it the second largest leisure park in the country. Futuroscope has a unique identity as it brings visitors a mix of experiences that are both fun and instructive. Make a great escape with your family and enjoy more than 30 breathtaking experiences that bring you fun and thrills. Come to discover unique adventures in a place like no other! Dare. Explore. Dream... Step into a giddy world of new attractions in 2009! Be a fly on the wall inside the first moon shuttle in Fly me to the Moon, take part in the futuristic EcoDingo race, explore space and witness the massive and spectacular Cosmic Collisions that shape the universe, enjoy the amazing new games in Children’s World and end the day with the glorious extravaganza that is The Blue Note Mystery evening show. Discover or rediscover Dynamic Vienne + added effects, Dances with Robots, Dinosaurs, the revolutionary experience of enhanced reality with The Future is Wild to meet species that could be roaming the Earth millions of years from now…... Treat yourself to our new attractions, if you dare! For more information please visit our website.
→ Address:Futuroscope Destination - BP 3030 - 86130 JAUNAY-CLAN
→ Phone:+33(0)549491112
→ Website:http://www.futuroscope.com