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Frequently Asked Questions

1.- Where can I buy a France Rail Pass?

Please contact Rail Europe, the official distributor of France Rail Pass or any Rail Europe subagent.
You will find your contact on the Where to Buy page.

2.- Is it really valuable compared to regular tickets?

With France Rail Pass, you can plan and calculate your transport budget in advance.
If you plan to travel with regular tickets, you will have to check the price of each journey with your travel agency.

3.- Do I have to pay for extra- supplements?

France Rail Pass takes the place of the ticket but you only have to book a seat when travelling on a High Speed train. (It is mandatory.) The booking costs around 20USD per journey and per person.

4.- Where can I check timetables?

Please visit the Rail Europe website of your country on the Where to Buy page. In 2010, timetables will be available on the francerailpass.com website.

5.- Is the France Rail pass valuable in term of prices?

Definitely! If you plan to visit many cities in France, France Rail Pass is the best solution according to the fact that you can make last minute decisions for travelling.

6.- Who is in charge of the product?

France Rail Pass is the official product of SNCF, the French National Railways Company. With France Rail Pass, you can get assistance in planning your journey in the 4 000 France railways stations.

7.- I need extra information during my stay (Accomodation, restaurants, museum,...). Where can I collect these information?

France Rail Pass has a huge rande of partners valid throughout France. You can check on the Partners page by sleecting a town or a partner category. In 2010, we will put on line a tool that enables you to check hotel availability.

8.- How can I get updated information about France Rail Pass.

Please check on the Contact Us page or send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

9- Can I travel outside France with a France Rail Pass?

The France Rail Pass will give you some discount on every train travels outside France if a part of the travel is in France. You can check the discount by selecting your destination on the Rail Europe website of your country.

10. I am living in France but I am not French and I am not European, can I use a France Rail Pass?

As you are living in France you can’t use a France Rail Pass because the pass can only be produced outside France. The pass has to be received in your home country, outside France and outside Europe.

11. Do passengers travelling on a Saver Pass always have to travel together?

With a France Rail Pass Saver you have one ticket for every body travelling together. For the France Rail Pass Saver to be valid, you have to be at least two using the ticket. The rest of the group has to travel without it if they decide to go somewhere else.

12. I have a lot of baggage; do I have to pay a supplement?

The advantage of taking the train is that you have any limit in size or weight for your baggage.

13. Can the pass be refund or exchange?

The Pass can only be refund or exchange if it is totally unused or unvalidated. The France Rail Pass Premium is automatically validated so it can be exchange or refund before the first date of use written on the pass.

14. What do I do if I have to cancel my travel plans?

In this case please contact as soon as you can the Rail Europe of your country.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 09:34