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> Before your departure


Most of the train stations are located in city centers which provides very onvenient access to anywhere you need to go. In the stations lots of shops and other facilities can be found.

You will be able to easily identify the SNCF staff with their “violet” uniforms, they’re here to help and provide all the assistance you may need to find your train, platform or answer any other question you may have.

The first thing to do once you are at the station is to look at the train departure board. The boards are usually located at the top of the station and are very large so you can see them from far away.

The board will indicate on which platform your train will be departing from the platform number is normally indicated 20mn before the train scheduled departure.

Elevators can be found in most stations they’ll take you to the platform alternatively you can use the escalators. 

In the middle of the platform, there is usually a train map indicating on which end of the platform your coach is located. There are also clear indicators with coach number “pointed” on the paltform itself so you can wait direcly in front of the coach you’ll be travelling in. 

For a stress free travel, we suggest that you arrive 20mn before departure.

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