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> Luggage information

In most of the station trolleys are available to help carry your luggage. 1€ coins are needed to operate the trolleys. The coin will be retrieved once you put the trolley back in place.


In several stations you have the possibility to ask for porters to carry your luggage to your seat on board the train, or to the taxi. In larger stations porters are also available and easily identifyiable by their red jackets. This is a paying service paid directly to the porters.

Stations offering porterage service. The cost of this service isn’t included in your pass. 

- Paris Gare de Lyon
- Paris Nord
- Paris Est
- Paris Montparnasse 1 /2
- Lyon Part Dieu
- Marseille St Charles
- Bordeaux
- Avignon Centre
- Avignon TGV
- Valence TGV
- Aix en Provence TGV
- Antibes
- Cannes
- Toulon
- Nice

Luggage allowed on board

- suitcase
- back packs
- trunks
- hand luggages

Weight & Size restrictions

The total weight per passenger musn’t exceed 30kg and the total of 3 dimensions shall be less than 2,5 m.
If you need a specific assistance with your luggage please see (FACILEO)


On board of SNCF trains the following luggages are accepted free of charge

- suit case
- ruck sack/ back pack
- hand luggages
- bicycle must be covered and folded (dimension :1,2cm/ 0,9cm max) under the condition that bicycle has to be folded and the wheel must be dismantled.
- ski and folded pushchairs
- surfboard/ sailboard/ windsurf must be covered (dimension: 1,2cm x 0,9cm max)
- wheel chair manual or electric

All hand luggage must be labelled with your name and fisrtname
There are several space for luggages on board :
At the end of each coach
In the middle of the coach and racks over each seats

Please make sure that your that your luggage do not block the corridors for safety reasons.


Each luggage on board or in the station has to be clearly labelled with your name.
If not and left unattended it will be automatically destroyed by the authorities.

SNCF cannot be held responsible for any damage on board (or theft even if they are put in the appropriate space).

Luggage carriers services
In several stations you have the possibility to ask for carriers to bring your luggages to you seat on board.
Please ask for the price before the service at the welcome desk.



In the main stations, left luggage office are available.
This service allows you to visit a town for a short time without your luggages.
These offices, according to the stations are open during the day. In mots of the parisians stations you will find left luggage offices automatic or manual ones.

Please see for more informations about the opening time and the stations where you could find these offices www.gares-en-mouvement.com

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