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You must be at your seat, at least two minutes before the train departs.
For the trains not requiring a reservation, you can seat in any coach you want provided you respect the class of service you purchased with your France Railpass, You just have to make sure that the seat you have selected, isn’t already reserved (a reserved seat is clearly notifyied by a card placed on top of the seat indicating the reservation)?.

If you have made a seat reservation, the coach number and the seat number are indicated on your ticket. Since you already have a reserved seat, you just have to find the correct coach and seat number – please respect the coach and seat number indicated on your ticket.. On certain trains it is possible to reserve a seat facing forward, so do not hesitate to request it when booking your reservation.

Aboard TGV it is impossible to pass from one train to the other (when two TGV are running together at the same time, one behind the other).
Please ensure you are boarding the correct train. The coach numbers are clearly indicated on a digital screen next to each door. On the platform, you”ll find an electonic board indicating the coach numbers and the seating plan (this board is usually located in the middle of the platform). Marks on the platform indicating the coach numbers, are also here to help you find your coach.



Luggage storage space is available on board. The luggage storage space location may vary from one train to another. They will normally be found at each end of the carriage. You will also be able to place your luggage on the racks above the seats.

All luggage must be securely stored and mustn’t block the corridors. They should also be clearly labelled with your details.

For more information please refer to the luggage section.



A Train Manager is availaible on-board all SNCF trains. He is here to assist and answer any questions you might have.

Before departure, the Train Manager will be standing on the platform, he is easly identifyable with his uniform and will answer any query you could have about your journey. After departure, he will walk several times through the train. On board of certain trains, an information point is also available, where you’ll be able to find him.

On top of his normal commercial duties to welcome the passengers, the Train Manager is here to control all the passengers tickets and ensure there is no revenue fraud. You will be asked to present your France Railpass as well as your passport. For compulsory reservation trains, you will also have to show your reservation ticket.

In order to facilitate and speed the the ticket control procedures, please have your tickets and documents ready. If you are missing one of the requested documents, do not wait to for the checking procedures, but go and advise theTrain Manager if possible before the train departs.

The Train Manager has full authority on-board, to maintain calm and order amongst the passengers. Last but not least, the Train Manager will gladly give you all the information you need regarding your trip: train times & onward connections.




To respect all passengers tranquility on board, we kindly ask that the cell phones are switched to silent mode in order to minimise the incovenience. This way, travelling becomes much more relaxing and enjoyable.

On board some TGV trains, there is a specific dedicated area where mobile phone conversations are welcome.




Most of the trains have an on-board catering service where you can find a large selection of food and beverages suiting international tastes. You are also allowed to take your own food on-board.

All TGV trains have a bar coach (coach n°4 or n°14) with the exception of the TGV trains between Paris and the North of France, this is due to a very short travel time (just 1 hour from Paris to Lille). You can either eat in the bard coach or take your food and eat at your seat. In Corail Téoz trains you will find a trolley catering service. Lunéa Night trains are equipped with automatic vending machines where you will find goodies and drinks. The regional trains TER do not offer on-board catering.




All trains are fitted with rest rooms. SNCF implements everything in its power, to guarantee the best possible level of cleanliness. Rest rooms are clearly marked by pictograms Some trains also are equipped with special baby changing facilities. Do not hesitate to ask the Train Manager where these areas are located.



ELECTRIC PLUGSMore and more trains are now equipped with electrical sockets, especially in first class. These will allow you to plug your laptop computer,cell phone or other electronic equipment.







If you choose to travel using overnight trains, first class compartments offer 4 large berths in a peaceful atmosphereand soothing ivory colours. The second class compartments, decorated in a blue color scheme offer 6 comfortable berths. On each bed, you’ll find a quiltand a pillow, a bottle of water is also provided. The floor is fitted with carpets. There is individual air-conditioning in each compartment to ensure pleasant temperature during the journey.
Alternatively, you could choose to travel in our wide and comfortable reclining seats.

Should you feel a little hungry during the trip, a « services coach » is located at the centre of the train, vending machines are available for either hot and cold beverages, sweets and snacks.

Cleanliness on board is supervised by a team of cleaning staff, who clean regularely the train and the rest rooms throughout the journey. The Train Manager remains at your service if you have a question or if you need assistance.

When you arrive in your compartment, you’ll find your bed is ready to be slept in ! You’ll find a welcome pack containing amenities such as: earplugs, refreshing towels, tissues, mint...). In order to make the trip more pleasant and respect each other tranquility, passengers are regrouped in compartments that have similar destinations or get off time.
No or very few stops are planned between midnight and 5h30 a.m.
For an even more quiet night, families are booked together in the same compartment. There is also a dedicated compartment for women travelling on their own or accompanied with young children. Compartment doors, can be locked from the inside to ensure privacy and tranquility.


The train stops are notifyed by announcements made by the Train Manager few minutes before the train’s arrival in the station.
As soon as you hear the announcement, please get ready to get off the train, making sure you don’t forget anything on board.
When on the platform, you will find stewards who will be able to help and direct you, you’ll also find porters (in red waistcoat) who will be able to carry your luggage. Please note that porterage is a paying service.

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